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Sunday, August 7, 2011

On Vacation

So just a week after our first post, my other half and I decided to attempt a 30 day juice fast. I recently saw Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead via our Netflix stream. There was something about watching this wealthy day trader roaming around trying to sell people HEALTH with really no financial incentive to be doing this. He wasn't telling me which juicer or supplement to buy. It seemed like all he wanted to say was, "Check this out. This stuff changed my life and it can change yours." And the wealthy day trader had the means to fund his platform. It was a different perspective from what I am used to seeing in documentary films. Typically, the film maker is trying to sell you something, whether it be product, brand, opinion or belief. This guy genuinely seemed to just want to share information about something he thought was terrific because he wants the world to know.

So anyway, I can't be blogging about vegan dishes right now because we are on day 7 of what we hope will be a 30 day juice fast. In other words, we've put our digestive systems on vacation. I'm not going to bore you with information about fasting, you can surely Google that if you are interested. I will, however, share recipes that we put together and enjoy.

Sweet-n-Sour Patch
Beet Down
Mystic Melon
Fuzzy Berry
Pineapple Sunrise
Grape Cool-aid
Extra Green Sour Apple
Sweet Carrot Medley

Love and Juice.

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