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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Under Construction.

Come back on July 24th for our first post. Have a topic, particular dish or question you would like answered? Leave a comment! We will oblige!

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  1. Hey girl! I have a quick question about your choice of hair care and skin care products. I currently am studying at an Aveda-concept school where we only use Aveda products, techniques, etc. While I know that not all Aveda products are vegan, they are all plant-based. The company is also globally self-sustaining, as well as off-setting the use of electricity at their manufacturing plant in Minnesota through the incorporation of wind mills. What products do you currently use? What are your feelings about Aveda? The school constantly has us educate guests about our product's ingredients so I am more than happy to share if you are interested!

  2. Welcome Ruby! Some good questions. Being vegan for me is more of a life long journey than an end point. Every day my consumption becomes a little more plant based. I'm still using up the supply of drug store make up that I had before going vegan (I'm usually too lazy to apply make up so it lasts a very long time). I do need to find cheap cruelty free shampoo and conditioner. I don't use many beauty products so it shouldn't be too complicated for me to make these changes. I just checked this list for my shampoo and it isn't on there but I know it isn't an all inclusive list either but it is a starting point. It can be overwhelming to worry about every product in the beginning so I focus on what I can handle at the time. Next assignment for me- find cruelty free shampoo! As for Aveda, I am unfamiliar with their line so I can't really say if I like. Salon products really aren't in my budget though, so I have to look a little harder. Aveda sounds like a good company. According to Peta, they don't test on animals either. So I'm not sure what about them precludes Peta from labeling them as a vegan company. I hope school continues to go well for you! You are looking stunning these days!


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